Правила сервиса и Политика конфиденциальности

The project is committed to maintaining your privacy on the Internet. Read this Privacy Policy to get an idea of how your personal data is collected, processed and stored. Privacy policy may change over time, so we advise you to reread it periodically.

General provisions

During registration, the site asks for your name, email address and other information. The more information about yourself you provide on your own initiative (and the more accurate it will be), the better quality service we can offer you. After registration, you are no longer an anonymous user of the project. You have the right to use the various protected areas of the site. If you make requests to the support service "Qenius", we keep records and promptly respond to this correspondence. On each page where you are asked to provide personal data, we always place a link to our Privacy Policy.

The information on this site is purely informative, any changes may be made to them without any prior notice.

Personal Information Collection and Security

When you are on the site and you are requested to provide personal data, you only provide them to the company "Qenius", except for cases that are negotiated separately. If data is collected and / or stored by any other company other than "Qenius", you will be notified in advance of the transfer of information. If you do not agree to the transmission of information, you can prohibit it by refusing to use the relevant service.

The project does not sell or provide information about its participants. If your personal information needs to be disclosed to a third party, you will be notified of this before the transfer of information, and you always have the opportunity to prohibit the transfer of personal data. If you do not want to disclose your personal data, you can refuse to use the service, for which you need such information.

Promotions taking place on the site may be financed by other companies, or be carried out jointly with the project. Information collected during the promotion may be used in part or in full by the sponsor. If the information will be used by a third party, you will be notified of this before the time of collecting and transmitting information. You can refuse to participate in the promotion if you do not want someone else to have access to your personal information.

Please note that project advertisers or websites that link to our website, may also collect your personal data. The information policy of websites linked to the portal does not fall under this Privacy Policy.

The project uses "cookies". A "cookie" is a small piece of information that the server sends to you and which is stored on the hard disk of your computer, can use "cookie" to store information about you in order to provide personalized services. Some pages of the site that you can log in with or which you can change require you to accept "cookie". This will help you avoid re-entering your password during the day while visiting our site.

Only the site (or representatives working on behalf of and complying with the Privacy Policy) can send you messages directly subject to your prior consent to receive these messages. You also have the choice in relation to the "cookie". You can set your browser to accept all "cookies", receive a preliminary notification about each "cookie" or refuse any "cookies". If you decide to refuse all "cookie", you will not be able to use those services of the site that require registration to participate.

Protection of personal data against loss or unauthorized use

Information about your account and your profile (personal data) on the site is password protected so that only you have access to this information. We recommend you not to share your password with anyone. The project will never ask you to provide your password in an unsecured telephone conversation or write it in an unprotected e-mail. Do not forget to also log out of your account on the site and close the browser window after completing the work. This will protect you from unauthorized access to your personal information and correspondence in the event that you are not the only computer user — at home, at work, in a library, an Internet cafe, or other public place.

Every time when project employees work with your personal data, regardless of the site of action, the company takes appropriate measures to ensure the protection of your information, compliance with the relevant service conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee 100% security of information transmission over the Internet. Therefore, although we are trying to protect your personal information, the site cannot fully guarantee the security of the transmission of information from you to us directly or through our online services, therefore you do this at your own peril and risk. After receiving your information, we make every effort to ensure its confidentiality and maximum protection in our storage system.

Please do not forget that if you voluntarily disclose personal data on the Internet (for example, in chat rooms, forums or blogs), this information may be collected and used by third parties. In other words, if you publish personal data online, you can receive unauthorized messages or SPAM. Ultimately, you alone are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords and / or any information about your account. We ask you to be careful every time you work on the Internet.